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  • Available, delivery time 2-6 days
  • Free shipping (excl. Ireland)
  • Available, delivery time 2-6 days

Corona Virus

Simple and fast to the certainty

The AELYSA Antibody Test gives you fast and reliable information about whether you already have antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2, or Corona Virus.

Have you been in a risk area some time ago?

You had symptoms but were not tested?

You already had COVID-19 and want to know whether

you have developed antibodies?

The AELYSA Antibody Test is just right for you

  • Quick certainty about your own antibody status
  • Easy implementation at home
  • Only 1-2 drops of blood from the fingertip necessary
  • Reliable laboratory test

The Advantages of the AELYSA Antibody Test at a glance

Contactless performance

Simply at home

No appointment necessary

Double safety with 2 professional laboratory tests:

On the core of the virus

On spike Protein on the virus envelope

Accurate evaluation

Detailed report on results

Available online - without account

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Step 1

We deliver the test kit to your home quickly and easily.

Step 2

You can then send your blood sample comfortably and unchilled to our laboratory by pre-franked envelope.

Step 3

Within 12-24 h after sample receipt you can call up your result online - completely without an account, anonymous & secure.

Our customers say so

test for me and my 9-year-old son

M. Knors - Alternative practitioner

"Ordered the test for me and my 9-year-old son. Super easy to use, even for children. Another advantage for me: There is no time limit for returning the test as with other tests. Absolutely convincing, 5 stars!"

better than other tests on the market or at the doctor

A. Kolesnikova, Phd - Molecular Biologist

"I am actually afraid of needles but this test was not painful at all. Also, I went for the AELYSA Test Kit as they test for two possible antibody types, which is better than other tests on the market or at the doctor."

contact with many people

A. Mannheim - Nurse

"In my job I unavoidably have close contact with many people. With a positive test I feel safer!"

was tested positive

L. van Tilburg - Master Student Business Economics

"Surprisingly I was tested positive on antibodies despite the fact that I did not get ill. This relieves me a lot and I feel much safer now!"

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