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  • Free shipping (excl. Ireland)
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Corona Virus

Simple and fast to the certainty

The AELYSA Antibody Test gives you fast and reliable information about whether you already have antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2, or Corona Virus.

Have you been in a risk area some time ago?

You had symptoms but were not tested?

You already had COVID-19 and want to know whether

you have developed antibodies?

You already have been vaccinated?

The AELYSA Antibody Test is just right for you

  • Quick certainty about your own antibody status
  • Easy implementation at home
  • Only 1-2 drops of blood from the fingertip necessary
  • Reliable laboratory test

The Advantages of the AELYSA Antibody Test at a glance

Contactless performance

Simply at home

No appointment necessary

Double safety with 2 professional laboratory tests:

On the core of the virus

On spike Protein on the virus envelope

Accurate evaluation

Detailed report on results

Available online - without account

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Step 1

We deliver the test kit to your home quickly and easily.

Step 2

You can then send your blood sample comfortably and unchilled to our laboratory by pre-franked envelope.

Step 3

Within 12-24 h after sample receipt you can call up your result online - completely without an account, anonymous & secure.

Our customers say so

test for me and my 9-year-old son

M. Knors - Alternative practitioner

"Ordered the test for me and my 9-year-old son. Super easy to use, even for children. Another advantage for me: There is no time limit for returning the test as with other tests. Absolutely convincing, 5 stars!"

contact with many people

A. Mannheim - Nurse

"In my job I unavoidably have close contact with many people. With a positive test I feel safer!"

was tested positive

L. van Tilburg - Master Student Business Economics

"Surprisingly I was tested positive on antibodies despite the fact that I did not get ill. This relieves me a lot and I feel much safer now!"

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